new and familiar friends
                         to the Eagles and Auracles web store!

                                         As our online guest,                
             we hope to offer you a glimpse of the diverse and constantly
expanding selection of products available in the New Age Market today.


                                    Our many treasures await …
             organized thematically, according to the human energy or 
        Chakra system with each section reflecting the concepts, interests, 
          needs and desires associated with that particular energy center.

            You can go to the OM Page now for an introduction to this site
                      or jump in and let your intuition lead the way.

     Thanks for your patience as we continue to add product and build this site.
Shop online or by appointment at our residential location.

                             ENJOY your shopping experience ...
                                       all feedback welcomed!

                         by phone or email, 
on an individual order basis.

                Payment processed through Bank (e)Transfer or Credit.
                         We accept Visa and Master Card (by phone).

                          Orders shipped throughout North America,
                          or arrange to pick up your order in person.



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