Root - Earth Gems

Our journey begins with the Root Chakra - the place from which we are born 
and the very definition of who we are ...
Located at the base of our spinal column, the first chakra supplies us with our primary and original sense of
self’, our PHYSICAL identity. It is associated with the colour RED, the element EARTH, and the law of gravitation. Being the first energy center to unfold in our evolution, it is primarily responsible for anchoring our spirit into our physical body and fulfilling our basic need for self-preservation.
This chakra awakens us to the world of pure matter, connects us to the realm of raw energy and brings us face to face with our own primal power and, in so doing, our "root" supplies the raw materials and physical, energetic support for the process of individuation - enabling transmutation to higher
consciousness to occur.

This section illustrates "where we stand" both literally and metaphorically.
We are of the earth - made of the same components as the mountains rising from the land on which we stand and the rock formations embedded deep beneath our feet ...
formed over millennia and holding the imprint of our planet's creation, crystals, minerals and gemstones contain a hidden mirror to ourselves and the mysteries of life ...

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