Sacral - Senses

Using our senses to connect with the outer world in a meaningful way - physically, emotionally and spiritually - is the primary role of the
sacral chakra.

Located in the region of our sexual organs, about 3" below the navel, the theme here is SENSUALITY & SELF-GRATIFICATION, the colour is ORANGE and the element is WATER. We know that we have tapped into the energy of this center when we experience emotional vitality, aliveness and joy – the sacral center gives us the care-free, spontaneous, emotional fluidity of "going with the flow" that fuels our desire to connect to others in a way that brings us pleasure. On the other hand, we might feel the weight of unexpressed feelings or worse still, a numb disconnection from our feelings and the outside world, altogether, if there is insufficient development or damage to this area.

The ways through which feeling can be evoked are endless – so, for the sake of simplicity we are limiting the products in this category to include only those that enhance the sacral chakra and elevate the senses most directly - and there is no better way to awaken and heal this centre than to stimulate the physical and "feeling" bodies. In her contemporary classic, Eastern Body Western Mind, Anodea Judith succintly sums it up - "emotions have a spiritual function as the language of the soul (and) this language is spoken through the body" ...  
So consider our offering of consciously created holistic, organic and sensually stimulating delights the emotionally laden "words" through which your soul can communicate! Choose from: essential oils, aura sprays and all natural perfumes, flower and gem essences, incense and sacred herbs (smudge), blessed manifestation candles and yoga/ holistic health items.

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