Blessed Herbal Candles

20 years of being a best seller is pretty impressive!

The cornerstone of Coventry Creations, the Blessed Herbal Candles, are celebrating 20 years of making Magic Happen! 20 years is a long time to "Make Magic Happen" in thousands if not a million lives. The Blessed Herbal candles work through your intent as it is combined with the vibration created by the candles herbs, oils, colours and blessing. When you set your intent and vision for your life, the candle holds that wish while you work through and clear the things that were holding you back from the ideal you seek.

The Blessed Herbal Candles are hand poured when the moon is right, in a sacred space and with added blessings.The 24 unique blends address any need one may encounter in the journey through life.

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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Astral Travel (CandleBH-AstrTrav)
    A wispy white candle with a blend of frankincense & clove oils. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.
    In dream state or deep meditation we can access the astral realm and travel unfettered through the universe and beyond. In the astral realm it takes but a thought to travel millions of miles or centuries of years. This is a place of multi-dimensions and easy to get lost in. This Candle helps one reach the astral realm without losing the way home.

    Blessing: I call on guides to hold me true, as my spirit travels the wind and sky so blue...Upon that vast sea of timelessness, through unknown space and guided bliss...I wish to feel these things, where thought has but seen in dreams...In freedom of will and love and care, so long it harms none, take me there...I bind thee with a threefold flare, So mote it be who travel there...
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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Male Energies-Sun (CandleBH-MaleEnergSun)
    A sun yellow candle with a vanilla & patchouli musk blend. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.
    The Sun is said to be the source of all life, that without it we would shrivel and fade. Father Sky, Great Spirit, Lord of the Sun helps us to thrive and illuminate what it is we call our Personal Power. The sun is a daily celebration of brilliance. We can rejoice and become strengthened by these god energies, challenging our limitations and mastering our inner knowledge.

    Blessing: Male energies that I need, come to me with all speed...Father Sky and Master Sun, as I light this candle, great gods come...Great Hunter, hear my plea, gods of Earth, Fire, Air and Sea...Native father, on you I call, words go out to bring them all...In perfect love and trust, send to me what is just...Harming none and helping all is how it shall be. This I make true.
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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Needed Change-Banishing (CandleBH-NeedChangeBanish)
    A creamy candle with a heavy sandalwood blend. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.
    Bring about the instant change needed to get out of that rut you may be stuck in. Change what you need by releasing negative energies and patterns. Reverse the inertia in your life that may keep you from progressing. This blend is also known as the Banishing candle.

    Blessing: I call on forces higher than I to release the blockages I have held inside...May this change come in the most positive way, filling me with love on this wondrous day...This I make happen and so it will be, changing energies so that all may be free...Harming none is what I see. This I make true.
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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Protection (CandleBH-Protection)
    A deep myrrh blend of essential oils in a midnight black candle. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.
    Black is the blending of all colors, representing protection in all directions, in all areas of your life and through all of your actions. Many times issues of protection are lessons in personal boundaries and personal power. This Candle will help set up a aura of protection be it from circumstances, other people’s energies or even your own self sabotage.

    Blessing: I call on the greater powers that be, To shield and protect me...This I ask and feel the need - Please bring this protection with all speed...Guard me against all harmful energy, so that my worries may be set free...I call on thee in perfect trust and love, Sending me security from above...Harming none and helping all is how it shall be. This I make
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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Sacred Space - Altar (CandleBH-SacSpaceAltar)
    A frankincense and myrrh blend in a silvery grey candle. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.
    Any space you occupy is sacred, for you are filled with the Divine. This candle is to honor you and encircle you with divine protection. It is very important to cleanse, balance and protect your working area before you begin any inner personal, meditative, healing or divination work.

    Blessing: A boundary beyond all time and space, means none of your worries can enter in. I call to me this sacred space, as I am surrounded by this Candle’s embrace...Give me moments to see and places to feel, as I am now protected by the wheel...A boundary beyond all space and time, this sacred spot be only mine...Harming no-one and nothing is how it shall be. This I make true.
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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Spirit Guide (CandleBH-SpiritGuide)
    A baby bottom pink color candle infused with a peppermint musk blend. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.
    Strengthen the connection to your Spirit Guides and their voices of wisdom and guidance to be heard in your life. The innocence and trust of your childhood allowed communication with Spirit Guides and ancestors who guided and protected you in learning life’s lessons.

    Blessing: I call to the ones who have passed on, from their place far beyond.... Come to me, the ones I need, from generations and lifetimes, come with speed...I pay respect and ask help of you, guide my life and keep it true...I call on thee in perfect love and trust, working with me, sending what is just...Harming none and helping all is how it shall be. This I make true.
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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Stability-Earth (CandleBH-Stability-Earth)
    An earthy brown color blended candle with a cypress & patchouli blend. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.
    Form a solid foundation to build your dreams upon with the Earth's energies of this Candle. Earth’s energy gives stability and strength to your journey into the depths of your spirit. It is during this journey where you will discover the true worth of yourself. It is said that the element of Earth holds all other elements and is the true source of magic.

    Blessing: I call on forces greater than I, to awaken the confidence that I hold inside...Ground in me your great strength, help me be stable and my soul to wake...Lift my spirits and help me be strong, so that I may learn your healing song...In perfect balance do all things live. Instill this in me, so like you I can give...Harming none and helping all is how it shall be. This I make true.
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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Truth and Justice (CandleBH-TruthandJustice)

    A brilliant blue candle of temple incense quality. The Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood will remind you of our Kyphi World candle. 1.5”x7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.

    In pursuit of truth and justice we need to be able discern the difference between good and evil, or more perceptively; illusion and reality. The light of this candle helps you replaces chaos with peace and harmony.  Let the truth of the situation shine through for all to see.

    Blessing: I call on forces higher than I, to awaken the truth that I hold inside.  As my mind travels, guide it true; justice is needed for what I am to do.  Peace and Harmony shall flow through me, illumination for all to see. I call on thee in perfect trust and love, sending me revelation from above.  Harming none and helping all is how it shall be, this I make true 3x3x3.
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  • (2C) Blessed Herbal - Vision Quest (CandleBH-VisionQuest)
    A honey colored candle with a honeysuckle scent. 1.5” x 7” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.
    Each challenge, lesson and problem takes you on a quest of personal growth. Your inner vision is awakened and you blaze new pathways in your brain. It is in a moment of meditation and quiet contemplation that you can hear the small still voice inside. There you will find your reward. For genuine answers to personal questions, one must search for one’s own truths and understanding.

    Blessing: I choose to travel this vision quest, the depths of this flame set my troubles to rest....My heart’s rhythm guides this meditative state, imparting answers to which I relate...With freedom of will and clarity of thought, I open to what I will be taught. For the good of all, so that it harms none, Let this magic of spirit be done.
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