Solar Plexus - Knowledge

Beyond basic survival needs and pleasure seeking,
working with this chakra involves penetrating into the world of thought and (self) understanding.

The ability to understand and DEFINE ourselves takes place in the solar plexus and as its primary themes are EGO identification and PERSONAL POWER this chakra could be called the "seat of the self". The colour associated with this area is YELLOW and the element is FIRE, which naturally corresponds with its main function of TRANSMUTATION; it is also where we process learning, which often comes in the experiential form known as "trial by fire". Here we also develop the intellectual and psychological skills required for social interaction as we begin the long journey of understanding ourselves.

Knowledge is true power and so this section belongs naturally to the realm of books and other self-empowerment tools such as guided CDs, DVDs and assorted related products including journals, the perfect vehicle for sharing your own wisdom.

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