Heart - Beauty

The heart chakra is our center of BALANCE and is commonly known as the "seat of the soul"; its theme is LOVE, its colours are both GREEN and PINK, reflecting the qualities of harmony and love, and it is located in the center of the chest. The element that rules this chakra is AIR.

The development of the heart center is dependant on our ability to first trust and love ourselves enough to open up, so that we may then, reach out to others. When we learn to truly love who we are, both our shadow and light, we radiate loving compassion, inner peace and balance and a vibration that assures a safe haven for all those in our presence
The arms are an extension and vehicle for the expression of our heart energy and so it is not only good but perfectly natural to wear your heart on your sleeve ... 

Display your capacity for self-love and caring for others with the products in this category that will show the world how you really feel!  Decorate yourself, your home and honour your spirit with some of the following products: beautiful Jewellery (gemstone, sterling silver, gold and other metals),Visionary Art-Wear (images by famous artists), unique hand-crafted Guatemalan crafts, Home décor: statuary, tapestry throws, chakra scarves/banners, cushions, art prints and original art work.

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