Throat - Truth

The primary theme of the throat chakra is COMMUNICATION, but not just in the ordinary sense, as it embraces the expression of TRUTH in all of its CREATIVE forms. This energy center is associated with the colour BLUE, the element of SOUND and the process of PURIFICATION, through which, we begin to truly refine ourselves as we convey our deepest heart-felt truths.The process of discovering our "authentic self" is done through intensive self-reflection, inner communication and acceptance ... and when we begin to see our newly unfolding true selves - as unique yet equal to others - we've begun the necessary and final steps toward self-actualization. The capacity for objective self-awareness, non-attachment to ego and "getting out of your own way", away from narcissistic self-attraction, is a clear sign of liberation from emotional bondage and movement toward true self-empowerment.

The products in this category consist of a variety of tools that will help you to purify and uplift your vibrational energy field as you tap the deeper levels of your self: Relaxing, soulful and invigorating music CDs, ornamental and therapeutic chimes and a large variety of sound healing tools (brass singing bowls, healing tuning forks and Tibetan bells and tingshas).
Products not listed may be available by special request.

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