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  • (6G) Gift of Enlightenment (GftEnlightGame)

    GIFT OF ENLIGHTENMENT: The Life Healing Game For 2-6 Players

    by Martin, David 

    The Gift of Enlightenment is a Life Healing Game for 2 to 6 players. Delightfully fun game play with healing messages. Gift of Enlightenment is a unique and totally original board game that brings a flow of positive energy to all who discover it. This is one adventure that is guaranteed to stay in the mind long after the final dice has been thrown.

    Game Features:

    -Seek your very own ’Gift of Enlightenment’. Make life-changing decisions as you travel the ’Circle of Life’. Win and lose positive and negative human traits along the way.

    -Harness the energy around you and reach your ultimate goal.

    -Learn about the power of your Sixth Sense, Insight, and Intuition.

    -Delve into the mysterious Karma Pool.

    -Try to avoid falling for False Idols.

    -Each time you play you will gain a personal gift from the ’Book of Enlightenment’.

    The beautifully boxed game comes with: Game board, 7 special Chakra stones with velvet holding bag, 6 Aura cards, 3 packs of game cards, 42 Chakra crystals (acrylic), 7 Chakra color cards, 7 Chakra Challenges, Wooden Dice, Full Instructions Plus the 82 page ’Book of Enlightenment’.

    ’Gift of Enlightenment’ has been developed by husband and wife team David and Annette Martin, co-Directors of Veritas Productions. Annette is a fine artist and Karuna Reiki Master, while David’s background is as a former Director in the computer and video games industry, a business he left in 2002 saddened by the increasing negativity inherent in a large number of so called ’games’. Both felt there was a need for something that redressed the balance and gave to the world a game that was positive and life enhancing, while still being great fun to play.

    Gift of Enlightenment awarded Highly Commended Finalist at the prestigious Gift of the Year 2005 Awards.

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  • (6G) Intuitive Solutions Game (IntuitSolGame)

    INTUITIVE SOLUTIONS: A Tool For Inspired Action (Insight, Setback and Angels cards & booklet)

    by  Drake, Joy & Tyler, Kathy   

    Intuitive Solutions: A Tool for Inspired Action can be used to recognize the subtle dynamics underlying challenges, to release limiting beliefs, to feel motivated and inspired, to discover new ways of resolving difficult situations and to act with decisiveness. For one or more players, it contains an "insight" deck, a "setback" deck, an "angel" deck, and an instruction booklet. From the creators of the Angel Cards! Very popular.
    Box size: 6.25" x 6.25" x 1.5" Insight Cards each: 2" x 2.5"Setback Cards each: 2" x 2.5" Angel Cards each: 1.5" x 2.5

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  • (6G) Mystic Pyramid: Fortune-Telling Device (MystPyramid)

    MYSTIC PYRAMID: Electronic Fortune-Telling Device

    by US Games 

    Focus your energy. Ask your question. Summon the power of the Mystic Pyramid. The power of the pyramid is now in your hands! Mystic Pyramid is an electronic fortune-telling device that delivers a verbal (audio) response to questions posed by a "questioner" when the person's hands are placed on the pyramid-shaped device. Simultaneously, the sides of the pyramid light up. There are 50 positive responses, 25 neutral, and 25 negative, all randomized. Designed to invoke a mystical feeling of supernatural or paranormal properties associated with the ancient pyramids of Egypt, Mystic Pyramid is a Magic 8 Ball on a much higher plane. It literally answers your desires with its randomly selected responses. Blue lights run up the four sides when activated by exerting slight pressure with your hands. It's even attractive enough to leave out on a table or shelf. Battery-operated with clamshell "Try Me" packaging.

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  • (6G) Puzzle - Tibetan Mandala (PuzzleTibMandala)



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  • (6G) Puzzle- Skywatcher (PuzzleSkywatcher)

    PUZZLE, SUSAN SEDDON BOULET: Skywatcher (20" x 27")


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  • (6G) Tarot Game (TarotGame)


    by  Alexander, Jude

    Start the party tea, wine, or margaritas; you decide! The Tarot Game encourages storytelling and laughter, providing a fun environment to address life's issues. Friends gather around the game board, roll the dice, and move along a spiraling snake, learning from the Tarot and each other. Through the Tarot wisdom, players realize lessons of the past, see the truth of present circumstances, and refine choices for the future. Each play of the game creates a meaningful experience, and players attain a complete Tarot card reading at the game's end. Professional and experienced readers can organize and facilitate game parties, offering in-depth interpretations for the readings. Whether you play on your own or with friends, you will find that this isn't just a game — it's an event!

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  • (6G) Transformation Game (TransfGame)


    by Drake, Joy & Tyler, Kathy 

    More than a game, the Transformation Game is a distillation of The Game of Life Workshop developed at the Findhorn Community in 1979. It captures the essence of the change process in the delightful form of a board game. Players choose a question/issue which becomes their personal focus; using a die they move their personal markers along a life path on the gameboard. Drawing cards from Insight, Setback and Angel decks, receiving Intuition, Feedback, Pain, and Awareness Experience, they progress through the physical, emotional and mental levels up to the spiritual. Elegantly boxed in a bookshelf format, it weighs about 5 lbs.

    Box size: 10.5" x 10.5" x 2" Gameboard size: 20" x 20"

    Includes: Service tokens, score cards, markers, coin, die, playing cards, score cards, guidebook, and more...

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