Crown - Connection

The Crown chakra is the seventh and final center involved in our personal/spiritual development. It may be the last of the major "physical" chakras aligned with the human organ system, but by no means the end of energy portals or fields through which we can continue to evolve. Some theorists claim dozens of chakras exist with the additional ones bringing us into an even higher understanding of time and space, future and past lifetimes, our place in the cosmos, our hightened capacity for healing, ascension into other forms, and so on.
The main theme of the Crown chakra is UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS which requires RELEASE and SURRENDER; the colour associated with the crown is violet and/or white, the organ/gland
is the Pituitary and the element is Ether. The reward for having done the arduous work of self-examination and refinement is found here in a state of inner peace, bliss, humility and grace ... in the crown, illusion dissolves under the wisdom to accept the truth, in its entirety, and the soul is forged into the Alchemist's Gold. 

A Time Machine or Star Trek Transporter would be an ideal product for this category but for now, we have only our imagination as vehicle to travel the cosmic/neural network and quantum field, the realm of the 7th chakra and beyond. To accomplish this end, we offer you simple tools for mindful meditation and a selection of spiritual services and workshops to guide you through the stages of spiritual awakening.

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