• " Session was amazing - found the information to be extremely accurate and uplifting. Thank you."
    By : G.W. Brampton, ON
  • " Lots of specific and relevant and HELPFUL information for the journey I have started. Thank you! ... "
    By : Kristina, Brampton, ON
  • " A friend of mine suggested that I get a tarot reading with Paula; sceptical, however needing direction, I booked the appointment. The life that Paula predicted for me in Nov/09 I could not envision however as time passed each prediction fell into place and as of April/10, I am living the exact life she had envisioned. If it had not happened to me personally, I would not have believed it. I found Paula to be very gifted, honest, nurturing and amazing at what she does. Thank you for giving me comfort, hope and guidance."
    By : Kerri K, Hamilton, ON
  • " Paula shuffles cards, they flow like a river, flick, flick, flick, drop ... River of life looking in there helps you to see, Crystal clear (even if it takes a day or two) ... Asking hands, the motion flows, she probably shuffles cards in her sleep ... Helping hands, Healing words, as the cards hit the table ..."
    By : Susan F., Georgetown, ON
  • " Paula! Excellent interpretation. You hit everything right on."
    By : Shirlene, Toronto, ON
  • "You helped me more than you can ever imagine. When those flood gates opened I never thought I’d be sane again. You were the only person to take notice of my abilities and understand the drawings from my brain. You validated me when I needed it and helped me to a whole new view. I thought I was seriously going crazy at one point. I will forever cherish my time with you. Thank you, Paula Eagles."
    By : Victoria B, Guelph ON
  • " We welcome your feedback and greatly appreciate your testimonials!"
    By : Paula at Eagles and Auracles


With over 30 years experience in the esoteric and healing arts, Paula has continually added to her holistic “tool kit” and offers a broad range of services for your spiritual transformation. 

We are happy to answer any of your questions - feel free to contact us!

Here's a quick look at what our Spiritual Services include:

  • Psycho-Spiritual Readings that include the use of a wide variety of oracle decks (including various tarot) and AURA readings (see following for specifics).
  • Aura readings utilizing the German made Aurastar 2000(currently named the Biopulsar). The Aurastar 2000™ (Biopulsar) is a biofeedback/ aura-imaging system that measures the entire energy field from the physical to the spiritual level by accessing energy output via the palm (using reflexology and kinesiology); the computer program then produces a detailed colour image of the aura (over the Vitruvian Man template) and a comprehensive 21pg written analysis package (full session only). Our Aurastar system is the original three-hand plate unit which is designed to measure a wide range of hand sizes, from children to large adults.

  • Classes and full workshop series in various esoteric and holistic subjects such as Spiritual-Psychic Development, Reiki, Tarot, Numerology ...

  • Holistic/ Vibrational Healing with Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment, healing Tuning Forks, Crystals and Singing bowls. 

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