First, a little about me - Paula Eagles ...

I am an intuitive-clairvoyant, tarot and aura-energy reader, Reiki Master, certified Reflexologist, creative entrepreneur and workshop leader who loves to share insight, compassion and deep personal understanding through every aspect of my life and work. My eclectic life experience and educational background include an Hon B.A. in (neuro) Psychology, diverse creative experience (theatre arts, art-wear design/creation-a previous business),  life-skills coaching, counseling high-risk young offenders and last but far from least, creating and running the metaphysical retail center, Eagles and Auracles and the subsequent websites.

From an early, profound and prolonged spiritual awakening in my late teens, I have faithfully followed my own path, inner truth and higher guidance and have developed my metaphysical skills and esoteric knowledge the old fashioned way – through direct personal experience and deep contemplation. And in, what can only be considered an "evolution" from these early mystical leanings, I was guided to learn and incorporate holistic healing practices into my life in my late 30s as I addressed and resolved a series of health issues (instigated by 5 whiplashes in 9 years) - an experience which brought a deep appreciation and broader perspective on the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Since 2001, I have conducted workshops on many metaphysical topics, such as spiritually-focused psychic development, tarot reading, and Reiki training, to name a few. My life is dedicated to personal growth and continually expanding my own holistic-spiritual awareness and inspiring others to do the same.

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