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(2O) Smudge Spray - Sacremyst

Sacremyst is a versatile, unique and long lasting spray mist that really makes a statement! 

This beautiful essence is a true pan-traditional spray smudge. It contains the three treasures of the middle eastern, Chinese and western spiritual traditions - frankincense, myrrh and amber resin.  It also includes the four sacred medicines of the native North Americans - white sage, sweet grass, cedar and lobelia inflata (Indian tobacco). And in keeping with the western pagan tradition, we added witch hazel and just a little vanilla to sweeten things up.  

The scent is reminiscent of a higher vibration and acts to remind us of our own spiritual purpose. Its rich, sweet and herbaceously pleasant scent also makes it a perfect choice for a natural perfume!  

For space cleaning/clearing, spray it in every corner and window/door frame of your entire living space - Use whenever you feel negativety or depleted energies - especially effective when used on a full moon. You are sure to immediately feel relief and upliftment after using this wonderful spray! 

Volume: 77 ml in a plastic spray bottle
  • Availability: Available/ships in 1-3 weeks
  • Model: sacremyst

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