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(2S) Smudge/ Energy Clearing Kit with Crow Feather

"Smudging" or clearing one's personal energy field (aura) or living space with incense, resins or herbs is an age-old tradition practiced by people of all cultures. A simple and powerful ritual, smudging provides immediate relief and long-lasting beneficial effects as the smoke is believed to bring in positive energy while it removes the negative. The type of "medicine" used in this practice is specifically matched to desired outcome and white sage is considered one of the most effective for deep cleaning and clearing of negative energies.

For best results, smudge yourself and home regularly (once a week, month) or as needed - always use when energies feel blocked, conflicted, weak or agitated.

Your Kit contains:
1- Abalone shell 5-6" 
1- Spiritual Cleansing votive (use to light sage leaves)
1- Bag of clean "play" sand (use a small amount in bottom of shell, place burning/smoking sage on top)
1- Bag of loose-leaf organic white sage (1.5 oz)
1- Smudge Feather (6-7")
Cardboard Box

Note: image is generic and contains elements that may vary slightly - abalone shell may not be exactly as seen but will have only minor variations (kits are grouped by size and quality of shell)
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  • Model: smudge kit (sm) w crow feather

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