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  • (3B) Ascended Masters Light the Way (Book-AscMstLghtWay)
    ASCENDED MASTERS LIGHT THE WAY: Beacons Of Ascension (Vol.5)
    by Stone, Joshua David   
    Lives and teachings of 40 of the world’s greatest saints and spiritual beacons provide a blueprint for total self-realization. Guidance from masters.
    Softcover, 256p
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  • (3B) Civilization Under Attack: September 11, 2001 & Beyond (Book-CivilunderAttack)

    Civilization Under Attack: September 11, 2001 & Beyond 

    by Stephanie J. Clement, Bernie Ashman, David Crook, Robert Hand & 3 more
    September 11th 2001 was the day terrorists targeted the World Trade Centre and the world changed forever. The seven contributors to this book use the wisdom of astrology to bring understanding to an otherwise incomprehensible situation. They consider the indicators of the attack, the historical and political underpinnings of the new global threat, and the long-range effects of the new war on terrorism
    "Our book takes the one factor that is starkly and clearly known- the exact time of the September 11 attack-and applies the one science that can analyze time to bring understanding about the antecedents of the event, about the people involved in carrying it out, and the forecasts helpful to the decisions that must be made."
    The contributors are a very special group of authors. This is the first time an astrology book has won a COVR award book to be recognized!

     -Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, Publisher
    Just In! At the Coalition of Visionary Retailers dinner each year, awards are presented in a number of different product and book categories. The surprise was - Civilization Under Attack was nominated in the broad nonfiction category.
    Civilization Under Attack was a runner up!
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  • (3B) Crystal Medicine (More Crystals and New Age) (Book-CrstMedicine)
    Crystal Medicine (More Crystals and New Age) 
    by Marguerite Elsbeth

    Indigenous cultures worldwide have used stones as healing tools for centuries. Marguerite Elsbeth draws upon folklore, shamanism, alchemy, astrology, and quantum physics to explore the healing power of stones. Crystal Medicine offers lessons in using electromagnetic energy, the primary mineral and cell salt associated with each zodiac sign, tinctures and elixirs, crystal pendulum divination, American Indian shamanic stone healing methods, and sound vibrations. 
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  • (3B) Do-It-Yourself Power Tools: Angelic Technology Manifesting on Earth (Book-DIYpowerTools)
    DO-IT-YOURSELF POWER TOOLS: Angelic Technology Manifesting On Earth
    by  Deering, Hallie  

    Angelic power tools are interdimensional windows that flood your psychic centers with angelic energy. They are treasured by lightworkers around the world. Find out why.

    It takes only a short time to assemble your power tools using the patterns in this book and a few inexpensive supplies found in any stained glass shop. When you are finished you will have ten authentic, versatile Angelic instruments for healing, channeling, and self-transformation.

    You get ten superb power tools channeled from the Rose Angels:

    * The Inner Eye Disk is for channeling, decision-making, meditation, dreaming, and visions. Everyone should have this disk.
    * The Rainbow Disk energizes both the physical and astral bodies and brings floods of high-frequency energy into a healer's hands.
    * The Light Weaver Disk quickly and easily patches auric holes that leak life force.
    * The Grounding Disk keeps you from getting hazy during psychic work as it anchors astral information down into the physical plane.
    * The Magnet Disk pulls implants and negativity out of the aura and destroys them. An invaluable aid for professional healers.
    * The Pink Rose Disk soothes trauma related to unfulfilled or unhappy relationships and opens the heart to receive divine love.
    * The Red Poppy Disk releases present and past-life sexual trauma and energizes the kundalini life force. The merciful disk.
    * The Exterminator Disk keeps your home or healing room clear of the invasive negative thought forms that saturate our planet.
    * The Archangel Michael Disk provides a channeling window for Michael, whose energy flows through the disk in huge quantities.
    * The Isis Disk is an initiation power tool that jogs past life memories of Egypt and awakens members of the ancient Priesthoods of Light.
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  • (3B) Explorer Race: Origins & the Next 50 Years (Book-ExplrRaceOrigins)
    EXPLORER RACE: Origins & The Next 50 Years (Volume Three)
    by  Shapiro, Robert 

    This volume has so much information about who we are and where we came from-the source of male and female beings, the war of the sexes, the beginning of the linear mind, feelings, the origin of souls-it is a treasure trove. Then in addition there is a section that relates to our near future-how the rise of global corporations and politics affects our future, how to use benevolent magic as a force of creation and then how we will go out to the stars and affect other civilizations. Astounding information. 
    Softcover, 339p.
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  • (3B) Explorer Race: Particle Personalities (Book-ExplrRaceParticlePerson)
    EXPLORER RACE: Particle Personalities (Volume Five)
    by  Shapiro, Robert 

    All around you are the most magical and mystical beings. They are too small for you to see as single individuals, but in groups you know them as the physical matter of your daily life. These particles remember where they have been and what they have done in their long lives. We hear from some of them in this extraordinary book. 
    Softcover 237p.
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  • (3B) Files From the Edge: A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations ... (Book-FilesfrEdge)
    FILES FROM THE EDGE: A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations Into High Strangeness
    by  Imbrogno, Philip 

    Ghost lights, otherworldly creatures, visits from another dimension. The most bizarre and amazing case studies from a renowned paranormal investigator are presented here.

    In this thirty-year career, Philip J. Imbrogno has researched a vast array of fascinating supernatural phenomena - the perpetually haunted mines of Putnam County, New York; encounters with strange entities at sacred megalithic stones; Bigfoot, yeti, and other humanoids; sea creatures; psychic phenomena; the dangerous Jinn; and a vast array of life forms from other worlds. The author’s objective, scientific analysis - combined with credible witness testimonials and Imbrogno’s own thrilling experiences - provides eye-opening, convincing evidence of our multidimensional universe.
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  • (3B) Gaia Project 2012 (Book-GaiaProject)
    GAIA PROJECT (THE): 2012--The Earth's Coming Great Changes
    by  Hwee-Yong Jang  
    Tyson, Mira  

    The Earth is undergoing a purification process--marked by natural disasters, disease, war, and chaos--that will ultimately end in the planet’s ascension to a new dimension. This visionary text reveals how each of us can prepare for the coming "Great Change" and take part in the universal expansion of consciousness. Along with a thorough description of the purpose of the Gaia Project, this field guide to the future includes a question and answer section, recommended reading list, and glossary to provide additional insight into the unprecedented challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
    Jang's prophetic proclamation---communicated to him through channeling, dreams, and energy reading---explains countless mysteries about the world, including:

    — The origins of the world and humankind
    — The collapse of Lemuria and Atlantis
    — Reincarnation and past-life memories
    — The purpose of life and the meaning of existence
    — The nature of consciousness
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  • (3B) Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals (Book-IllustDirHealgCryst)
    ILLUSTRATED DIRECTORY OF HEALING CRYSTALS: A Comprehensive Guide To 150 Crystals & Gemstones (O) (new edition)
    by  Eason, Cassandra 

    Investigate the healing and divinatory power of crystals with this illustrated guide to 150 of the earth’s most potent elements. From Agate to Zoisite, each crystal entry includes a color photo, description of properties, listing of associated herbs, oils, and incenses, and astrological significance. You’ll not only learn how to identify crystals, but how to harness their powers for decision-making, protection, health, and well-being. Relieve a child’s earache with rose quartz or rid the workplace of tension with an amethyst geode tucked in your desk. Whether you carry a core set of crystals, fashion an amulet for portable empowerment, or whip up a pitcher of energy-boosting crystalline water, these practical suggestions can help you face fears and soothe daily stresses.
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  • (3B) Instant People-Reading Through Handwriting (Book-InstPplReadgHndWrtg)

    Instant People-Reading Through Handwriting 
    by Anne Silver Conway 

    A person's handwriting can tell you just about anything you want to know:
    • How passionately she kisses.
    • Which traffic lane he drives in
    • How often he calls his mother
    • Whether she can accept your biggest fault
    And it's all here in this breezy, entertainingly written book by an expert handwriting analyst. You'll find out the six major personality types that handwriting reveals: Thinkers (Mr. Nice Guy) Jugglers (they're always busy) Pleasers (the get emotional) Readers (the tornadoes) Menders (they'll try to fix you) Chameleons (they're infuriating).
    You also find how to predict the behavior of each type, how they get along with each other, and what to expect from practically any relationship you might have with them.
    Packed with over 400 writing samples to help you pick up signals from even the most innocent-looking flourish, this is a book to change forever the way you look at handwriting-and people.
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  • (3B) Living with Joy (Book-LivingwJoy)
    Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation
    by Sanaya Roman, Elaine Ratner (Editor)
    An Internationally Bestselling Orin Book
    Channel Sanaya Roman presents Living with Joy, given to her by Orin, a timeless being of love and light. This wise and gentle spirit teacher offers a systematic course in spiritual growth through this book.
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  • (3B) Major Religions of the World (book-MajRelWorld)
    Major Religions of the World 
    by Marcus Bach

    Customer Review: It is a great short course from 1959 on major world religions, with glossaries of terms related to each separate religion, which is very helpful. Very well written for the "average reader", easy to understand and with personal experiences from world travels and interviews with religions leaders, makes it interesting. It is written from a Christian point of view and the chapter on Christianity coagulates all the various Christian faiths under the sign of the risen Christ, and gives a personal challenge to study religions and practice your beliefs.
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  • (3B) Manual for Planetary Leadership (Book-ManualPlntryLdrshp)
    by  Stone, Joshua David 

    Here at last is an indispensible book that lays out, in an orderly and clear fashion, the guidelines for leadership in the world and in ones’ own life. All of the areas of our society and personal life that need discipline and leadership are pointed out. A firm foundation and guidance from a psychological and spiritual perspective are offered for change. The ascended masters are called upon for their wisdom and sometimes opinion on matters ranging from the political arcana to science and religion. This book serves as a refenence manual for moral and spiritual living and also offers a vision of a world where strong love and the highest aspirations of humanity triumph.
    Softcover, 284p
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  • (3B) New American Midpoint Ephemeris 2006-2020 (Book-NewAmerMidpEphem)
    by  Michelsen, Neil, Pottenger, Rique 

    For astrologers who study midpoints, this new 15-year ephemeris will be a "must have." Rique Pottenger has revised and updated the programming of the late Neil F. Michelsen’s prior versions to extend the years, now 2006 through 2020. Ceres, newly named to the same planetary status as Pluto, is included in all midpoint combinations. Midpoints often reflect events in very close timing, when single planet transits alone may not. This book allows quick scanning of transiting midpoint combinations-a highly significant time saver over the unwieldy alternative of having to calculate each combination. An Introduction by Roger Hutcheon explains midpoint theory and the advantages of this ephemeris. Oversized Paperback.
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  • (3B) NUMEROLOGY ASKS: Who Do You Think You Are Anyway? (Book-NumerAsksWhoDoYOu)
    NUMEROLOGY ASKS: Who Do You Think You Are Anyway? 
    by  David, Karen  

    Numerology Asks: Who Do You Think You Are Anyway? is one of the of the most definitive books on numerology to be published in recent years. It is written in a light, easy-to-read style that educates as well as entertains.

    Karen David's information on the nine prime digits (the numbers 1 through 9) as well as the master numbers (11, 22 and 33) is sensible and thorough. She teaches how to calculate which number you are, and discusses the characteristics of each of these numbers. Karen follows with what these numbers are like on the job, their sexual likes and dislikes, and how numbers can be related to physical characteristics.

    Karen then discusses the numbers which are found within each person's name, thoroughly discussing the name total, the consonant total and the vowel total, and what each of these means. Using numerology for forecasting follows, along with a chapter on numerology's relationship to astrology.

    Numerology Asks: Who Do You Think You Are Anyway? is a book for both lay persons and numerologists. It lays the important groundwork for understanding the science of numerology, and will answer the question, "Who do you think you are?"
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  • (3B) Only Way to Learn Astrology Vol. 2 (Book-OnlyWayAstrolVol2)
    The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Volume 2, Third Edition 
    by Marion D. March, Joan McEvers 

    This Third Edition of Volume 2 of the highly popular and best-selling The Only Way to Learn Astrology series updates the calculation material with examples using newer reference works and the whole number system. Part I explains the mathematics of horoscope calculation, with clear, easy-to-follow instructions for erecting an accurate birth chart. With this book you can develop the skills required for Certification as a Professional Astrologer. But it's much more than math alone! Part II instructs and offers interpretations for a wealth of material not often included in other basic astrology texts. You'll learn about emphasis and lacks by element and mode, chart patterns, aspect configurations, retrogrades, interceptions and more! Part III details in-depth psychological analysis plus pre-natal eclipses, Arabian parts, Vertex and Fixed Stars. Fifty-five charts of well-known people are used to illustrate the various techniques.
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  • (3B) Palms Up!: A Handy Guide to 21st Century Palmistry (Book-PalmsUp)

    Palms Up!: A Handy Guide to 21st Century Palmistry 
    by Sheila Lyon & Mark Sherman

    Getting ahead: It only takes a quick show of hands. 
    Palms Up! is the first straightforward, fun guide to reading palms the modern way. From Sheila Lyon and Mark Sherman-two palm readers who've been honing their craft for over twenty years-this book takes a good look at the whole hand: from the shape of the fingers to the lines the palm to the hook of the thumb. 
    In no time at all, readers will have a greater understanding of their strengths, talents, self-image, values, love life, and passions. 

    Readers will learn: 
    - How to do a quick study of the hands of an interviewer and increase the chance of landing a dream job
    - How the thumbs can indicate an adventurous or cautious personality
    - How to pinpoint the most stubborn person in a room
    - How a glimpse at the palm can determine who to hold hands with forever
    out of print
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  • (3B) Peaceful Warrior: The Graphic Novel (Book-PcfulWarrGraphNovel)
    PEACEFUL WARRIOR: The Graphic Novel (O)
    by  Millman, Dan
    Winegarner, Andrew (Illustrator) 

    To create this bold visual reinterpretation of Dan Millman’s unique saga of growth and enlightenment, Millman and illustrator Andrew Winegarner started from scratch, melding the Peaceful Warrior tale with the style and dynamism of the graphic novel. In the story, Dan, a college student and world-champion athlete, is haunted by the feeling that despite his success, something is missing from his life. Awakened one night by dark dreams, he wanders into an all-night gas station, meets an old man named Socrates, and is forever changed. Guided by this eccentric old warrior and drawn to an elusive young woman named Joy, Dan journeys into realms of light, shadow, romance, and mystery and toward a final confrontation that will either deliver or destroy him.
    The book Way of the Peaceful Warrior, shared among friends and families, became a multimillion-copy worldwide bestseller, inspiring men and women of all ages. Now author Dan Millman and illustrator Andrew Winegarner meld the peaceful warrior story into the style and dynamism of the graphic novel. This fresh take on Millman’s saga of growth and enlightenment includes new scenes and elements not found in either the book or the Peaceful Warrior movie.
    Here is a story of growing up and waking up — about a young athlete who finds himself on a path less traveled. Haunted by dark dreams and a vague sense that something is missing from his life, Dan wanders into an all-night gas station. There he meets an old man named Socrates, and his world begins to change. Guided by this mysterious old warrior, and drawn to an elusive young woman named Joy, Dan begins an odyssey into realms of light and shadow — a journey that leads him toward a final confrontation that may deliver or destroy him.
    Oversized Paperback.
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  • (3B) Planet Two: Earth in a Higher Dimension (Book-Planet2EarthHighDim)
    Planet Two: Earth in a Higher Dimension...Are You Ready?

    In Dear God! What's Happening to Us?, New York Times best-selling author Lynn Grabhorn introduced the concept of Planet Two -- a place very much like our Earth, but vibrating at a sixth-dimensional frequency, and immune to most of the negative influences that have overrun us here. In Planet Two, and in the same upbeat and lighthearted style of Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, Lynn artfully explores what we'll find on this "new Earth," providing wondrous information about the look and feel of the place, the people who live there, and the kind of lives they live (with almost all of our same conveniences -- and more -- except 80 percent better). Featuring a fun Q & A format, Lynn not only gives us the sights and sounds of this extraordinary place, but why it's there, how to get there, and why that's so very important. While many live there now, millions of others from our Earth are raising their frequencies, and will be moving to this newly appearing paradise in the near future. In Planet Two, Lynn gives us the essential steps and information we need to join them. Book jacket.
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  • (3B) Second Thunder (Book-SecondThunder)
    Second Thunder 
    by Isham, Maharishi Sadasiva

    Seeking the Black Ishayas
    "Whatever it takes." That is the only attitude that is real, the only attitude that works, and the only attitude that assists one to reach the goal. "Whatever I have to do in order to realize enlightenment, that I will do." This was the viewpoint I adopted in the Himalayas, and the only one that could have carried me through my trials to the end.

    For those who seek enlightenment, no other frame of mind can be substituted for this one. No other frame of mind will succeed. One must be willing to give up everything—only then can there be progress. For it is exactly where one digs in one’s heels and says, “So far and no farther.” There the ego draws the battleline.
    It is not possessions, it is attachments that cause trouble. What must be given up? Nothing. What must one be willing to give up? Everything. When one is ready to be free from everything, life begins in earnest. The dawning of the true light is never far behind. Pages 390
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  • (3B) The Ascension Guidebook (Book-AscensGdbk)
     ASCENSION GUIDEBOOK: Pleiadean Guides Reveal The Four Energy Activations That Prepare Earth Beings For Ascension In 2012
    by  Henkle, Duane 

    ASCENSION GUIDEBOOK: Pleiadean Guides Reveal the Four Energy Activations That Prepare Earth Beings for Ascension in 2012 by Duane Henkle. The Mayan Timekeepers, along with other spiritual groups around the world, confirm 2012 as the date for Earths ascension into the Fifth Dimension. Since 1996, Henkle has maintained a strong psychic connection with Pleiadian Guides who have revealed how humans can prepare for the coming shift through four Energy Activations. The good news is that anyone, even beginners, can do these activations by following the illustrated step-by-step instructions in the book with a willing partner. Henkle is the co-author of The Lightbody Activation Manual. 230 pp.
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  • (3B) The Tenth Insight (H) (Book-TenthInsight)
    The Tenth Insight 
    by Redfield, James

    The Celestine Prophecy told of an ancient manuscript found in the rainforests of Peru which contained nine insights predicted to have a profound impact on the future of civilization. Although church and government fought to suppress this information, there were many individuals who risked their lives to spread its message. Now, with millions of people embracing these nine insights, the adventure that began with The Celestine Prophecy continues in the American Southeast where the narrator’s friend has disappeared. The book explores the afterlife dimension, sexual energy and the spiritual history of the human race.In it’s self-published edition, The Celestine Prophecy sold 100,000 copies, became a word-of-mouth bestseller and received tremendous praise from booksellers. The companion guide, The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide was a national bestseller, and has nearly 500,000 copies in print after 10 printings. A bestseller on five continents, The Celestine Prophecy has been on numerous bestseller lists. It hit #1 on many lists, including The Toronto Star, Globe Mail, and The New York Times. Hardcover
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  • (3G) Guided Meditations Gold CD (CDgGdedMedGold)
    Guided Meditations Gold 
    by Stewart, D

    A double CD of 20 short themed meditations not only for the novice but also for the more experienced meditator to enjoy.
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  • (3G) Heart Chakra Meditation CD (CDGdedHrtChkraMed)
    by  Karunesh 

    This music runs the course of a special program designed to clean the heart chakras. Four phases serve as a lengthy prelude to the closing tracks that venture deeply into the sounds of 'The Inner Temple' and 'Tibetan Sound Bowls,' with the closing track stretching out to over fifteen minutes in length. As a leader in the fields of healing and New Age music, Karunesh easily shifts his focus to the more specific area of meditation, including special exercises, which are included in the accompanying booklet. Each phase of approximately seven minutes ends with a gentle sounding bell. By the time you reach the closing track, a state of deep relaxation and receptivity should have been found. After that, anything is possible.

    DISCOUNTED due to small crack in acrylic case.
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